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Gender: Female, I believe
Height: 5' 3" and damned proud of it
Weight: You know better than to ask a girl that
Hair Color: Brown for now, it changes with the weather
Eye Color: Gray-Blue-Green-Whatever color I'm wearing-ish
Age: I'm older than I look
Birthday: February 23
Astrological Sign: Da Fishie

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Version 16.0: All in the Family
Colors: Blue (varying shades)
Bishounen: Kigai Yuuto and Keiichi
Why: Ko made the observation about Yuuto and Keiichi looking alike...I took it one step further.
Notes: Originally, I was just going to use the black and white manga pictures, but that looked really I had to color them both ^_^ (I actually went so far as to trying to match their skin and hair colors so that they would look more alike, but I kinda dropped that when Keiichi just wouldn't agree to look like his daddy, heh)


Cowboy Bebop: Vicious
Rurouni Kenshin: Shinomori Aoshi
Fushigi Yugi: Hotohori
Weiß Kreuz: Tsukiyono Omi
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Arisugawa Juri
Gravitation: Nakano Hiroshi



Yuuto ©squick© Subaru

I wanna sexually harrass KAMUI!

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Anime: Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation, X, Tokyo Babylon, Weiß Kreuz

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Tokyo Babylon
Isn't he such a cute little medium? God bless Hokuto and her wonderful fashion sense ^_~ And here she is!  The wonderful lady herself!

Yuuto/Subaru!  Yuuto/Subaru!

Aww...isn't she pretty? He's such a CUTE maniacal psycho! VAN-SAMAAA!

She is soooo good looking in her movie outfit.  ^_^ I envy her, and i want to cosplay as her Yay!  Issa Juri!  Three cheers for the broody lesbian! Hyuuuu....isn't Anthy puuuuurdy?

Final Fantasy VII
^_^ The blue chocobos are my favs YES!  CLOUD IN DRAAAAAG! Ya better watch out, Yuffie's gonna steal your materia! SEPHIEWEMUS!!!

Final Fantasy VIII
Yay for Ellone!  ^_^ She had such a CUTE outfit! Man, Fuujin was awesome.  Even though she only spoke in SINGULAR BOLD WORDS I liked her ^_^ MOOMBA!!! Well duh, I can't put up FFVIII stuff without Rinoa... Quistis looks so good in her lil SeeD outfit It's superuberperkygenki Selphie!!

Final Fantasy X
Okay, he may have sounded soo gay in the dub, but I think Seymour was kewl, so blah Rikku!  Goooo Rikku!

Elly is awesome.  Period.  Before she left the party she was stronger than Fei and Citan in my game, she rocks ^_^ Emerelda reminds me of my little brother, she makes sounds effects for her fighting

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2.0: soccer boy blues | Hidaka Ken (Weiß Kruez)

3.1: SecretAgent!Hisoka! | Kurosaki Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei)
Note: Originally designed by Becky Marie.

3.2: SecretAgent!Hisoka! | Kurosaki Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei)
Note: Also by Becky

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5.0: Wasted Cloudy Days | Shirou Kamui (X)

6.0: Golden Lust | Sumeragi Subaru and Sakurazuka Seishirou (X)

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8.0: Ruins of the Soul | Jowy Atreides/Blight (Suikoden II)

9.0: crescendo | Minase Hijiri (Yami no Matsuei)

10.0: Mother | Sakurazuka Setsuka (X)

11.0: Moo | Souma Hatsuharu (Fruit's Basket)

12.0: Merry Christmas | Saukrazuka Seishirou (X)

13.0: On | Sakurazuka Seishirou and Sumeragi Subaru (X)

14.0: Nothing | Monou Fuuma (X)

15.0: Uke Slut | Kurosaki Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei)

16.0: Sin of God | Shirou Kamui (X)


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July 6, 2003

...Me and GenX made a PoT does X cast ^_^ (and I got pegged as the one to post it :P)

Kamui: Ryoma
Sorata: Momo
Yuzuriha: Eiji
Aoki: Tezuka
Karen: Oishi
Subaru: Yuuta
Arashi: Kaidoh
Fuuma: Keigo (they share a voice!)
Nataku: Shinji
Seishirou: Mizuki
Yuuto: Sengoku
Kakyou: Jiroh (so do they!)
Satsuki: Inui
Kusanagi: Kabaji
Hinoto: Ryuzaki-sensei
Kanoe: Sakaki
Hokuto: Fuji (duh)
Kotori: Ohtori (the only one at Hyotei innocent enough to pull it off)
Keiichi: Ann-chan
Daisuke: Arai (one of the non-regular members of Seigaku...ya know)
Souhi and Hien: Horio and Sakuno

And yes, we are insane...and damnit, I'm drawing Oishi in lingere now and no one can stop me!

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:20 p.m.

June 29, 2003

Havne't blogged in a while, been putting a lot of my random thoughts and tangents up on my livejournal But I digress.

Very strange dream had last night. It's fuzzy now, but I know for sure it involved the entire Seigaku regular my work. And at some point in time Fuji was shouting out his delcaration of love for Tezuka right in the middle of center court. It was bizarre.

But possibly more bizarre than the concept of it was that I was dreaming it as if I was reading a book, and the dream was just the images that the book conjured. I say this because at one point in time, the me in the dream was talking with Becky about the events of the dream, and I was telling her...or she was telling me to flip to a certain page number. Which was just bizarre. Heck, the whole thing was bizarre.

...I need a new layout.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 07:19 p.m.

June 17, 2003

Atobe Keigo has posessed my CD player.

I wonder if Subaru could get him out of there if I asked nicely...

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 12:34 p.m.

June 10, 2003

Yanno somehow I've gotten really bad at following my anime, cuz PoT 75 and Wolf's Rain 18 were released without me even noticing. ^_^ Ah well, time to DL binge!

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 11:30 a.m.

June 9, 2003

Time left on DL of Loki ep 4: 56 minutes

Time left on DL of Loki ep 5: 46 hours

There is something very very wrong about that.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 12:03 p.m.

June 3, 2003

To prove what sort of psychotic mood shift I just went through...allow me to link.

First, I read this

Then, I read this

See the problem?

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 04:16 p.m.

May 31, 2003

I must blog about this cuz I feel like it and because it's really odd, in my opinion, so if you don't care to read, then you can just bite my spork :P

Anyways, the other night I swear I had a seriously cracked Prince of Tennis dream. The really weird part bout it was I couldn't tell whether I was Ryoma in the dream or if there were actually two or something.

Premise of the dream went like this, there was this big big tournament being held (but it was indoors) and I (however the hell I was) had forgotten my raquet and my cap. At first I was just asking Ryoma if I could borrow his, but being the Snarky Brat taht he is, he said no. (Momo is, in the mean time, hanging around in the background with Ryoma doing who knows what) Then Ryuzaki-sensei suggested I call my dad and have him bring it.

So I pull out my cell phone and realize that I don't know my home phone number. (which is really odd) Which then leads my on my quest to figure out which of the Seigaku regulars does know my number. First person I ask is Inui cuz ya know...he's data master and all that. But apparently he doesn't something scary or is too busy mumbling to himself, cuz I don't get my number from him.

Next thing I do is seek out Oishi...the logic behind that being that since he's the frazzled worrier he'd have all the emergency contact numbers in his first aid kit. (my subconscious really thinks a lot) So I go looking for him...

I find Oishi off to the side of the huge tennis court in the middle of this room. In a sleeping bag. With Eiji. And they're both being very excessively cuddly, like kissing and such almost. Needless to say, I don't get my phone number.

Now it beings to get really disjointed..cuz the next part of it that I remember is standing in this hallway with a bunch of elevators in it. And I think either the curly-haired-Mizuki-look-a-like from Rikkai is there or it's Sengoku. Can't remember which one. Maybe both of em. Anyways, what they're saying is that Atobe is already on the next level, because apparently in this tournament thing when you win you get to go up the elevators and play more people.

And I can't remember what happens after that. Something with driving down the highway in the big Echizen family van. (really, don't ask me) I think it was headed for the airport..? or somewhere. I have no clue. I woke up shortly after that.

Anyways. That was my dream. It was odd. Really odd.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:50 p.m.

May 29, 2003

You know...taking about four and a half hours to get four pages of info done really isn't a good ratio. Blah, at least it's finally done.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:33 p.m.

May 29, 2003

Why is it that the closer I get to finishing a project the harder it is for me to work on it? Argh! (three topics left...that's only about 10%!)

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:07 p.m.

May 29, 2003

Six topics of twenty-eight to go on history project and hot damn am I ever glad that I got off work early tonight ^_^

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 08:24 p.m.

May 29, 2003

As a (not so) short note to people who usually chat with me:

I have no intention of being online from now until the last day of school (June 4th) not even on the weekends. I have huge projects due which amount to about 25% of my grade in some classes, and the grades I'm getting in other classes are, in my opinion, just plain nasty, so I will be doing homework and studying like it's the end of the world from now until then.

If you do perchance to see me on AIM, please yell at me and feel free to inflict bodily harm using any number of sharp or blunt implements. (I reccomend the spork, they make excellent weapons)

Thank you, that is all.

(small edit: You like to taunt me, don't you? Oh yes, I should be working on my history project, but Kouri just had to choose this moment to post more. Gr. Gr gr GR....I'll probably read it tonight.)

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 02:38 p.m.

May 27, 2003

I can tell I'm really tired when not even a thirty minute nap and Mr. Pibb will wake me up.

Grr....need brains...

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 04:44 p.m.

May 25, 2003

PoT: 58-74

Characters: Jirou, Atobe, Fuji, Eiji ^_^

Pairings: ToriShishi, FujiJirou, and...just a lil bit of TezukaKeigo, but just cuz Becky-chu keeps on babbling about it ^_~

Big recap episodes worth ^_^;; But I'm done with all of the series that's come out now! Wai!

Anyways...can't remember much of the rest of the ToriShishi vs InuiKaidoh mathc ^_^;; cept for the fact taht I absolutely loved the slashy InuiKai hints during their doubles match ^_^ keke

Taka vs. Kabaji was...kinda eh for me, I don't like Taka all that much...and I'm kinda meh with Kabaji, so suffice to say I'm kinda glad it was short ^_^;;

Onto Fuji's match with Jirou ^____^ I loooved this match. It was just so cool. Plus I really really liked Bouncy!Jirou, really really like him ^_^ He's so cute. (and it's my personal opnion that Jirou is now going to be so obsessed with Fuji...but that's just me and my FujiJirou babbling ^_~) Fuji's Hakugei and disappering serve were just bitching and he is just plain soooo cool. (oh, and the scene where Yuuta came to watch him is so cute XD)

But Yay ^_^ I loved that match, so good.

And I may have said this earlier, but Damnit. Atobe's entrance was just TOO FUCKING COOL FOR WORDS. I LOVE this man, were I not so convinced of his gayness simply because of his inner Diva, I would be fawning all over him. (Aw hell, like that's ever stopped me? ^_^ heh) But So Cool. So Very Cool. Yum.

And aside from Atobe being a sexy sexy bitch, his match with Tezuka was And really, I think what happened to Tezuka at the end of that was pretty cruel...but then, I really don't hate Atobe any more for it..and I cannot explain why ^_^;; I guess the cruel and dastardly deeds just up his appeal. There's taht and the fact that even after Tezuka was injured he kept on playing and Atobe was just wowing at it. And ya know, I bet he felt just a lil bad....somewhere beneath all the narcissism.

But So cool, I LOVED that match. And then, of course, it all comes down to Ryoma, who pulls everything off flawlessly. Snarky Brat. XD I Luv you tooo~!

And then...the glorious Prince of Tennis filler episodes ^_^ How I love thee.

First off, already seen the Chibi ep and "Squee"d over that, so no comment for now. But the club mix day was so fun. XD Momo playing basketball is Hoooo~t. And I love Fuji's reasons for entering in curling. Fuji, you rule.

And...sadly, I just realize now that my download of episode 72 was not complete, so I didn't get to see that ;-; wanna see...wah.

But the episode where Kaidoh gets mistaken for Ryoma is flucking hilarious XD I loved the little "family" scene with Kaidoh and his dad an brother. It's just too Kaidoh and a puppy. I mean, come on. Kaidoh and a puppy! ^_^ Hehe.And then Eiji's story had me in stitches XD he rules.

Lesse..Tezuka going to Germany surprise ^_^ already had that spoiled for me. I loved how Oishi dragged everyone mountain climbing, though, that was just too fun, and cute for that matter. Hehe.

And I want next part of right hand Tezuka play vs. Ryoma noooow :3 so good, so so good. And I just love how Tezuka managed to pull off his Tezuka Zone while playing Ryoma: XD show that Snarky Brat. Hehe

And now, I'm done ^_^ Seen all of the series that's out to see. I already have two fics started, and am this damn close to getting my Eiji fanart layout up. If it's not up by sometime tomorrow, I think I might scream. But it probably won't be anyways ^_^;;

And now, I need to lend my CDs to her so that she can also share in the glory that is PoT ^_^ Kekeke...

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 08:52 p.m.

May 21, 2003

I really just must blab about this because she is not on to blab to.

Atobe Keigo's entrance is fucking gorgeous I love the man, he is just so effing cool. ^_^ Wai~!

(and on a similar note, Cross With You gives me eargasms *___* beautiful voice. Simply sho sexy)

Anyways, I'm done...for now.

Edit: I would kill for a good picture of Akutagawa Jirou. Does anyone have a good picture of him?

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 10:55 p.m.

May 18, 2003

Strange observation.

Was watchign X-Men Evolution today cuz bro had it on...and there are like, so effing many Gundam Wing voice actors in there...

To put it simply, Wolverine is Duo, Nightcrawler is Quatre, Cyclops is Trowa, Professor X is Trieze. This is not to mention that Jean Grey is Escaflowne's Milerna (which gets so odd cuz Van and Cyclops sound the same) And Sabertooth pulls back to the ol' Ronin Warriors days with Cye an Sage's voice. Scary.

So strange...just so so strange.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:50 p.m.

Friday, May 16, 2003

PoT: 45-57

Pairings: ShishidoOotori, InuiKaidoh, OishiEiji

Characters: Atobe ^_^ and Eiji, cuz there's no such thing as too much Eiji lovin.

I haven't done one of these things in a looong time. Hehe. Let's see where did I leave off...

Liked the conclusion to Ryoma and Akutsu's game, though I cannot say taht I like Akutsu at all, he just really really rubs me the wrong way. Yicky.

The Rikkai kiddo in ep 49 reminds me of a curly haired Mizuki. o.o weird.

The Inui and Tezuka match in the ranking tournament was just plain gorgeous *_* Tezukaaaa... I loved his little Tezuka zone trick XD sho cool. But must fel bad for Momo...cuz he didn't make it (thou he does get to play doubles with Eiji, so he shouldn't complain ^_~)

And the Eiji Oishi "fight" thing didn't really seem that big to me. More of a lover's spat than anything serious ^_~ Still, it was absolutely adorabibble when they made up XD So cuuuuute!

And, ^_^ I loved how Ryoma was just sitting on the roof watching Momo when he was being all upset about not making regulars. Then he went to the street tennis court to get him XD sho cute!

As a side note, Momo's impersonation of Inui was flucking hilarious

And speaking of Inui, the scene between him and Kaidoh at the river is just too slashy for words, I swear. (Plus Inui asking Kaidoh to play doubles with him XD hehehe...)

Oishi not making it for his doubles wif Eiji made me sho saad ;-; poor Eiji-puppy looked like he was gonna cry...poor Eiji~! (and of course, only Oishi would actually be late because he was helping a pregnant lady ^_^ heh)

But Momo and Eiji doubles was impressive, and cute ^_^ And I wubed how Eiji kept thinking about Oishi and he did better once Oishi showed up. They're just so cute!

And...I think I've covered everything....well, except for the fact that I'm upset that Shishido cut his hair, cuz long hair is sexy. But the fact that Ootori ran after him in that scene makes it all better ^_^

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 10:13 p.m.

May 13, 2003

And now...I present to you an episode of Vul's dilemma.

Vul's Dilemma:

Vul has an Eiji fanart layout reading and waiting to be CGed.

Said Eiji fanart layout happens to be just this side of risque.

Just this side of risque is not something Vul wishes to CG whilst her brother is sitting at the computer not more than a yard away from her.

Said brother never leaves the computer at all.

You see the dilemma? anyone who I promised the layout would be up sooner...there's my reason why it's not. Maybe I can get to it this weekend when my brother actually sleeps and I do not have a thing called work.

Until then...enjoy Yuuto and Keiichi genki-ness. Eiji shall usurp them soon. Kekeke...

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 03:15 p.m.

May 12, 2003

You know what I think?

For my entire life I am doomed to fade into obscurity.

And you know what?

That fucking SUCKS.

That's all I've got to say.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 10:35 p.m.

May 8, 2003

And now...cuz I am totally crazy, kanji name translations for PoT characters. These aren't guaranteed to make any sense. I just do them cuz I feel like it. Also, I in no way claim to be right about anything ^_^;; Plus I ondly did the charas I felt like doing and the ones I could find kanji for.


momo-peach tree
takeshi-warrior; military; chivalry; arms

Momoshiro Takeshi: Warrior of the Peach tree castle

o-large; big
syu-excel; excellence; beauty; surpass
rou-son; counter for sons

Oishi Syuichirou: First excellent son of the Big stone

maru-round; full; month; perfection; -ship; pills; make round; roll up; curl up; seduce; explain away
ei-England; English

Kikumaru Eiji: Second English of the Round Chrysanthemum

fu-negative; non-; bad; ugly; clumsy
syu-circumference; circuit; lap
suke-help; rescue; assist

Fuji Syusuke: Rescue lap of the Second negative (I have no clue...)

kai-sea; ocean
dou-public chamber; hall
kaoru-fragrant; be scented; smoke (cigs)

Kaidoh Kaoru: Fragrence of the Ocean hall (Kaidoh...that kills your snarly image, it so kills it)

inui-drought; dry; dessicate; drink up; heaven; emperor
sada-upright; chastity; constancy; righteousness
haru-reign; be at peace; calm down; subdue; quell; govt; cure; heal; rule; conserve

Inui Sadahru: Upright Reign of the Drought (...I really want to find some way to relate this to the veggie juice...but I just can't)

mura-town; village
takashi-hump; high; noble; prosperity

Kawamura Takashi: Prosperity (or Hump ^_~) of the River Town


tachibana-mandarin orange
ki-used in plant names
hei-even; flat; peace

Tachibana Kippei: Even plant of the Mandarin orange

i-Italy; that one
bu-warrior; military; chivalry; arms
shin-deep; heighten; intensify; strengthen
ji-same; agree; equal

Ibu Shinji: Equal strength of the Italian warirror

kami-gods; mind; soul
o-tail; end; counter for fish; lower slope of mountain
(and Akira is just in katakana so no translation)

St. Rudolph's

mi-outlook; look; appearance; condition; view
zuki-month; moon
hajime-commence; begin

Mizuki: Beginning of the Moon Viewing
(I kid you not this is what it seriously means. And Hajime has no kanji, but I made an assumption because I've seen the name in anime before)

fu-negative; non-; bad; ugly; clumsy
yuu-abundant; rich; fertile
ta-plump; thick; big around

Fuji Yuuta: Fertile Thickness of the Second Negative
(Last name aside...good god, Yuuta, your name can be taken in such a perverted way. I wonder Mizuki's trying to get into your pants)

And there it is, I'm done. For now.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:39 p.m.

May 7, 2003

I'm Eiji!
You're Eiji!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You see...I would admit to cheating on this quiz fuck, I cheated. It was easy ^_^ EIJI!!!

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 09:42 p.m.

May 6, 2003

PoT 35-44

Pairings: MizukiYuuta, OishiEiji, MomoRyo

Charas: No change really ^_^ Thou haveta say I like Fuji a helluvalot more

Okay, first things first is Fuji gushing. He's SO cool. First there's his match against Mizuki whch I just loved to bits cuz he was so nasty. And then he plays Ryoma. ^_^ Squee~! Fuji definately needs to play more, lots lots more. Hehe

Second things second...I have witnessed the Swirling Vortex of Gay. @_@ It Buuuuuurns. (but then...this really doesn't help the MizukiYuuta vibes when immediately after wearing said Swirling Vortezx of Gay Mizuki says that he'll keep Yuuta company that night ^_~)

Third things third...the FujiRyoma match. I just must say Squee because ohmygod that was so effing COOL. And I loved the MomoRyo vibes hanging off when the rest of the regulars are picking bids for who wins and it goes "Fuji" "Fuji" "Fuji" "Echizen" XD Momo, you're so cute.

Inui's Penal Tea was also entertaining beyond words ^_^ Heh.

Moving on to the actual tournament...Akutsu is like...Tennis playing Farfarello, I swear. Plus the guy's a rat bastard. He's nasty. Thou I would like to see a bit more about what went between him and Taka. I don't see pairing, but I'm intrigued.

But then...he's even more of an evil rat bastard for what he did to the Fudomine team. Pooor Kamio an Shinji. Stoopid Akutsu, gr.

Let's see...the results of the Ginka "match" were just hilarious ^_^ And damnit I want to strangle the people who made this series for not showing more of the Fuji an Taka doubles against Yamabuki. Grrr....but they did show Eiji and Oishi doubles, ripe with slashy moments. ^_^ Joys.

And then Momo! Yaaaay Momo! XD There's been surprisingly little of him playing lately, I thinks, so this was a nice change ^_^ Gotta love the guy, hehe. Plus I adore how he was being all snarky with Ryoma during the game. "Hey, Echizen, get me my game racket." "Do you even have one?" "I guess not" ^_^ Sho cutes.

Of course taht drops me midway in Ryoma and Akutsu's game. :3 gonna love this one, hehe, especially since Ryoma's already smacked that rat bastard in the face with the ball XD You go Ryoma. Hehe.

Anywyas, everything else in my life sucks too much to talk about, hence the anime babbling.

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 10:20 p.m.

May 3, 2003

As a bandwagon hopper, I stole this from Kouri and Kelly. As an anime fan...I'm using Weiß songs to answer the questions ^~^

Are you male or female?: I Wonder
Describe yourself: Beautiful Alone
How do some people feel about you?: Perfect Stranger
How do you feel about yourself?: The Minority
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: Love of My Life
Where would you rather be?: In a City Stained in Monochrome
Describe what you want to be: Spiritualized
Describe how you live: Living in the Pleasure World
Describe how you love: Li-Bi-Do (Couldn't resist this one XD)
Share a few words of wisdom: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

That was fun ^_^

Keiichi last said hi to daddy at 06:13 p.m.

May 2, 2003

PoT 29-34

New/Improved Pairings: OishiEiji, MizukiYuuta, TezukaFuji

New/Improved Characters: Mizuki, Eiji, Yuuta (he's such a cute little snarly boy)

Good god I loved episodes 32-33. I loved them to motherflucking pieces. ^_____^ Eiji is so darling. He's cute and bouncy and wai. ^_^ And his math with Oishi against St. Ruldoph's was just SOOO great. (I can't remember where it was during that match, but one time when they went to high five each other I swear their hips were smacking too XD)

And of course...then Oishi takes Eiji off the court once the match's done. ^_^ Sho cute. They're so married.

Then comes Yuuta. Yuuta Yuuta Yuuta...I've heard so much about you and your brother from my surfings of the PoT fandom before I actually watched it. But, to be quite honest, I don't see a pairing there. Sure, I see lots of fun and interesting dynamics and I'd love to holy hell to see the two of them play each other and play off each other, but no pairing. Yuuta's too pissed for that.

Yuuta does, however, make a lovely little match with Mizuki in my opinion. The flashback scene with him meeting the St. Rudolph boys convinced me of that. ^_^ It honestly doesn't help that Mr. Gay Mizuki goes off calling him Yuuta-kun. Heheh...

And anyways, must watch more now, cuz if I keep on typing this entry I swear I'm gonna put Yuuto instead of Yuuta...

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May 1, 2003

PoT 22-28

Pairings: MomoRyo, KamioShinji, InuiKaidoh, TezukaFuji, OishiEiji, MizukiInui, FujiEiji, TezukaOishi

Characters: Eiji is my god, as is Fuji. Bow and worship. (And Mizuki, he evil)

Number one...the Karupin episode is tooo flucking cute for it's own good. I mean...Kaidoh with a cat toy.

Number two...TEZUKAAAAA~! TEZUKA! *__* Dood. I soo wanted to see more of his match with Ryoma. Sooo much more.

Number three...I love Mizuki already. He shall soon become my evil evil puppy, hehe. With doggy ears. *goes off to plot drawings*

Not much more to say...aside from I wanna see Fuji and Eiji play much much much more.

Sleep now.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

My day has been really crummmy. Really really crummy. I woke up feeling tired and it did not go away. By the time I got to my PSEO orientation at 1 I had a pounding headache and felt about ready to pass out.

Thankfully, I did not.

However, the orientation only led to more suckage as the summer classes I wanted to enroll in overlap with my other some courses at the U of M, and the end of the school year so I likely will not be able to take them, which means that I have to enroll in beginning Japanese instead of Intermediate. Grr.

Plus the fact that they would not let me enroll in Calculus 2 until I'd taken my AP Calc test. Suckage. Oh, and the Physics class with the lab time that I wanted was full so I had to take a later lab time. Gr. Very very Gr.

I think I'm going to watch PoT now...PoT makes me happy.

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April 28, 2003

Prince of Tennis 13-21

Pairings Thusfar: Even more MomoRyo and OishiEiji. Plus a dapple of TezukaFuji. And KamioShinji.

Characters who are still too damn cute for their own good: Eiji an Fuji ^_^

This series is so growing on me. Eiji is my little snufflebunny and I want to draw him in so many cutesey poses. I've already got one planned out...and is got swim trunks and Oishi in it ^_^ Just haveta be able to draw it...heh

Fuji is so fun, and so bitchin cool. I want to see him play more, and I love his little snarky nasty moments. ^_^ He's great.

Surprisingly enough, I'm also finding myself liking Kaidoh now. At first I really couldn't stand the guy...mainly because he's got beady little eyes, and his lips. I mean...his lips, eeesh. But then he pulls off his bitchin lil Boomerang Snake ^_^ Hehehe...that is just so bitchin cool. Kaidoh's sho coooool (and then, of course, Inui decides to come up with a lil way to help him...goin outta the way for your boy-toy, ne Inui? XD)

Anyways, in non-PoT related news...I have no social skills to speak of and lots of homework! Toodles!

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April 27, 2003

Prince of Tennis 7-12

Pairings thusfar: MomoRyo, OishiEiji, InuiKaidoh

Characters who are too damn cute for their own good: Eiji, Fuji, Momo-chan ^_^

I can quite honestly say that I'm loving this series ^_^ It's so cute and funny. Momo entertains me to no end, I want to squish him and cuddle him to pieces. He's so cool. ^_^ I can't wait to see more of Fuji cuz I'm so damned intrigued by the boy from what Becky-chama has told me. Plus he voluntarily drank Inui's veggie juice, that warrents interest.

And Eiji. Hehe, I wubs Eiji. I knew I'd wub Eiji from the moment I saw him when I watched the chibi ep ^_^ He's so fun. And he an Oishi are sooo cute. 'Specially in ep 12 with the doubles. ^_^ Sho kawaii!

Anyways, that's not much for a commentary...but I haven't seen taht much. :3 must watch more...but...have studying for SAT II, AP tests, ACT, and SAT to do. Blech on Junior year, blech.

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April 26, 2003 know what amuses me so much about getting porno and sex hits on my blog?

Taht everyone who comes here looking for that kind of thing finds absolutely nothing of the sort ^_^ Ha Ha.

So come to my site you perverted little teenage boys, come searchign for you nekkie pictures. For you shall find none, and time will be wasted in your ever growing search for nudity.


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April 25, 2003

Re: Get Backers 26

Jubei and Kadsu...I love you two. Probably not as much as you love each other, but good god. You are a yaoi fangirl's dream come true. The two of you are just so effing adorable. ^_^ (And about that comment Ginji made about you two being a couple on a love-love honeymoon? You know it's true!!)

But they're so cute. ^_^ The whole episode is cute, but Jubei and Kadsu make it even cuter. And the new ending! New Ending! They're cuddling! ^____^ (I really need to finish my Jubei/Kadsu fanart.) I swear I'm fanarting chibis for them, and layouts and every fricking thing cuz ohmygod I LOVE THEM!

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April 24, 2003

Becky-chama? I got the CDs from D-chan. But there is small problem. The PoT eps start at 8, and I only have up to 6. ^_^;;; could you maybe put 7 up on your FTP or something for me pretty please? I would be very happy if you did.

Oh, and thank you for the PoT and the numerous goodies on the CDs. I am very grateful. (specially for the one CD crammed full of Hikago stuffs, that makes Vulchu go "Squee!" ^_^)

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April 23, 2003

...for all interested parties, I am going to start a Yami no Matsuei AIM RP Chat. Like actually organize something, so that we all get on at a certain time and play to a plotline. Every person gets one chara type thing. And charas determined on my own egotistical views of who I think fits the character best. (When I get tired, I get arrogant)

If ya want in, e-mail me...or IM me. Either works...I just feel like organizing something...*wanders off*

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April 23, 2003

BLERGH I tell you, BLERGH.

That is all.

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April 20, 2003

Nice thigns about Easter at my house:

We can have egg wars with the easter eggs that aren't to our likings. I think we staged the battle of Helm's Deep with a couple of the eggs and I was doing Gundam fights with a few others. ^_^ Then my doggies got to eat the remains of all the deceased (muwahahaha)

Oh yes, and I am the undisputed egg rolling champion at my house. ^_^ (my eggs were named Yeggolas Yellowleaf, and Aragorn, heir to the throne of purple, anyone wanna guess what colors they were?) The otehr eggs were Frodo and Sam of the Yolk, Gandalf the Green, Gimli son of Orange, and Merry and Pinkin. Oddly enough, Gimli was the only egg who'd always go straight XD

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April 20, 2003

Yay, new layout. Kamui was really really bugging me, mainly because I screwed up on the image compression with some of the words in the upper left corner of that layout...but anyways.

New layout! Keiichi! Yuuto! And it's all Ko's fault, really it is. Cuz I wouldn't have gotten thinking this if she hadn't made that comment...yeah.

Anyways, I've been busy, hence the lack of blogging, been watchin lotsa anime..and I don't really feel like turning my blog into one of those big long anime I'm not really going to say much about it aside from teh fact that Get Backers ought to be renamed Gay Backers.

That is all.

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